Monday, October 29, 2007

Class Links

In participating in this class project, I have found many of my classmates’ blogs worth mentioning on my own. I feel that the time and effort put into the following blogs is easily noticeable through the quality of argumentation displayed.

Heatin’ it up!- The blog on the topic of global warming easily lays out the issue at hand. Focused on the government’s involvement in the issue, this blog hints at possible solutions to the problem through the use of credible sources.

Abortion 102- On the topic of abortion, I find that this blog finds a way to combat varying sides of the argument. With medical interest, the author focuses particularly well on writing without bias and successfully uses sources to create their argument.

Stem Cell Research- This site’s strongest attribute, I think, is its structure in argumentation. By focusing on a narrow aspect in each post the author is able to avoid bias and pick apart many opposing views.