Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Theory of a Deeper Issue

Mainstreaming is an incredibly pertinent issue pertaining not only to special needs children, but to all students, parents, teachers, and administrators across the country. Even though there is a nation wide movement towards integrating special needs children into regular classrooms, I believe that mainstreaming is still in debate because it is drawing on a larger societal issue that has happened throughout history in America. I feel that there is a sense of wariness towards mainstreaming from adults because they are afraid of lowering the level of education given to kids in regular classrooms. On the children’s side, there is statistical evidence that shows they are scared and intimidated to learn and interact in the same context as special needs students. As selfish and close-minded as that may seem, I believe that it is the root of the problem. If there was not an emotional or political problem below the surface, every classroom in America would be mainstreamed because there is so much hard, factual evidence that supports the technique and shows progress for both parties involved.