Thursday, November 1, 2007


I believe that the implications of mainstreaming are deep and complex. If mainstreaming is not implemented, I think that the amazing benefits will never be realized because there is a functioning and satisfactory plan already in place for special education children. Special education students will continue to be separated, allowing them to learn but not develop the skills at the rate shown in mainstreaming. Because mainstreaming not only develops educational background but also social and personal characteristics, our nation would see an important increase in human capital because the contributions added to the workforce and other areas would be significant. By remaining in separate classrooms, I believe that we are doing all children of the country a disservice. Exposing the two different types of students to each other, we are able to demystify and re-humanize the educational setting, as well as benefit both parties academically and behaviorally. These consequences are substantial, but, unfortunately, there needs to be a real push to start mainstreaming because the current educational plan for mainstreaming, in many eyes, is adequate.